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V.O.P. Media

Voice of Prophecy Media Ministry

The Media department of the Voice of Prophecy is at the frontline of evangelism – using media as their tool to reach the masses. VOP Media started in 2019 as a online radio station, known to the public as VOP Adventist Radio. The radio station was operational for three years and was available on the VOP radio app and on Radio Garden. As the trajectory of the VOP changed so did the media department. Keeping up with times, we have placed a focus on the visual element for the when, where and how of Voice of Prophecy events. VOP has now grown in leaps and bounds on social media and YouTube. We view YouTube as the main outlet for the VOP to convey Gods love to all. The VOP Media will be venturing into the podcasting space as we will be releasing the Bible lessons on various streaming platforms. As a department we are encouraged by the engagement of our followers, each one of your likes, dm’s and shares count.