A VOP Community Bible School exists where a local church conducts a regular class for interested students (church members/family/friends/neighbours and/or the general community) using the VOP lessons, which would either be marked by capable individuals-approved by both the local Church Board and the VOP – OR -the lessons are marked by the VOP itself in Claremont, Cape Town.


  1. The Local Church Board and Business Meeting must vote it into existence.
  2. It must be known as a VOP Community Bible School. The church may add the official name of the congregation as voted by the local Conference/Field/Executive Committee.
  3. The Local Church Board must ensure that the school is duly registered (request the registration form from VOP HQ) by the VOP, in Claremont, Cape Town.
  4. Those who mark the VOP lessons must be specifically appointed by the local Church Board. The Board must then forward that name to the VOP, which would provide the necessary training and orientation and appropriate certification in this regard.
  5. The VOP lessons must never be photocopied or reproduced in any manner by the local church. New lessons must always be obtained from the VOP itself.
  6. Certification for students will only be issued by the VOP upon the completion of the particular series.
  7. VOP Certificates cannot be produced or copied by the local church.
  8. The VOP must be notified of all graduations. The VOP will endeavour to be present in the person of either the VOP Director or his designee.


  1. Students may be taught and assisted in a regular class conducted by the church. The lessons will then either be marked by the church or it will be forwarded in bulk to the VOP. New lessons will then be sent in bulk to the church.
  2. The church may also receive the lessons in bulk and choose to distribute it to the students individually. Completed lessons will then be collected from those students and forwarded in bulk by the church to the VOP.
  3. Either method would ensure that the local church will maintain meaningful contact with the VOP student.


The local church may choose to function either as Model A or Model B VOP community Bible School.

Model A

  1. VOP lessons will NOT be marked by the church and will instead be returned to the VOP to be marked in Claremont.
  2. The VOP lessons would be provided at NO CHARGE to the local church.
  3. Details of all such students must be submitted to the VOP so that these students would be duly registered and enrolled in the VOP electronic system
  4. .

Model B

  1. The VOP lessons are marked by duly appointed, approved and certified individuals in the local church
  2. Such lessons will be PURCHASED from the VOP.
  3. The details of all students must be submitted to the VOP, at the very beginning of the series, for electronic registration.
  4. In the interest of maintaining appropriate standards, the VOP will only issue certificates when:
    1. The students have fully completed each lesson in the series
    2. The student was duly registered with the VOP, as per No.3 above.
    3. The local church must have sent the marked lessons 25 and 26 to the VOP with the order of the certificates.